I'm a Minnesotan with a taste for the simple and understated. I'm inspired by Scandinavian folk art and bold design.

I love illustrating and creating. For years, I've dreamt of having my own business, one that would allow me to tap into my imagination and bring whimsical ideas to life on paper. My husband, Victor, our rescue dog, Stark, and I live in a tiny (by no exaggeration) apartment in the heart of St. Paul.



Wild Perla was born out of the desire to make creativity my business.

Besides selling my illustrative work on all kinds of mediums, mostly stationery, I also do freelance design work (primarily branding and website building). I studied advertising/design in college, and love balancing my personal passions (illustration and print) with the work I do for clients.

(Interested in hiring me? Check out my portfolio first and then drop me a line!  Let's collaborate.)